about me page at via isabelle by kiara mijares

 Yo, what’s up?

My name is Kiara Mijares, a copywriter turned web designer over at Alternative Post. I’m a bit camera shy and I ramble a lot.

I actually have no idea how to do this.

As a kid, I dabbled on many adventures – from learning about medicine, being a lawyer, fighting dinosaurs….But nothing caught my attention as much as writing ever did. Well, okay, it took me a year of struggling as a writer, then traveling, and more struggling before I came to accept my fate.

I suppose one of the bravest things I’ve ever done was to buy a domain (or maybe three) and then hit the big, red “Publish” button on WordPress.

This isn’t some self-pity story. It’s about life and how to become a decent human being. Plus, I’m just so completely done with copying people who want to be travel bloggers.

Please, oh, please don’t expect me to keep writing about 10 best…whatever. Bucket Lists? Sure. I love them. Stories? Oh, definitely.

I believe we’ve all reached a point in our lives where we know when someone’s being bad at writing about travel. That’s why I’m actively choosing to stray from that and talk about real stories about people (mostly me 😐 ) and the world we currently habituate.

In many instances, that includes traveling a whole lot and finding out how to earn enough cash to jet off someplace new. In others, it means writing about the world economy and figuring out what that means for someone in the Philippines.

The challenge with this blog is how I’m going to deliver everything to your virtual doorstep. Will I make you laugh? Or cry? Or maybe think of what the fuck you’re doing here? Sounds a lot like the latter.






I will probably have an email list set-up one day, so you can read more about people I’ve met in this journey to finding myself. (Jun 4, 2017)