about me page at via isabelle by kiara mijares

Welcome to my Via Isabelle!

I’m Kiara Mijares, and this little corner on the Internet is my alien-child for sharing travel and style guides, so that you can have the best experiences all over the world.

I created my alien-child for the quirky, yet sophisticated and stylish traveller who loves looking at pretty photos of the world every warm Sunday morning.

Or, well, in my case, everyday.

The goal of this blog is for you to have the best travel experience you can possibly have, no matter which destination. While also (hopefully) be able to inspire you to seek out new adventures.

And so, if you’re here to talk about ticking off bucket list destinations or budget travel/backpacking — my alien-child isn’t for you.

I love travelling slow. I love being able to return to cities I adore and rediscovering them.

For every new city I visit, I need at least a week.

There will be no guides about 3 days in what secret town in Europe or visa tips and tricks (I’d be a hypocrite if I write about those).


This is for travel experiences, a few city guides of my favourite places, coffee drinkers, photography spots, and maybe a tad bit of personal insight in between.

Oh, and a few style tips for the stylish traveller alongside my favourite hotels all over the globe.