about me page at via isabelle by kiara mijares

Hey stranger,


You might not know this yet, but my name is Kiara Mijares — a copywriter turned web designer over at my “legit” Alternative Post website.

I created this virtual corner on the Internet to serve as an outlet for my other great loves in life, travel and coffee. As an extension of my original site, I talk to you about why it’s important to have financial freedom, how to manage your time for freelancing, and why it’s important to explore as many places as possible before we turn old & grey.

When I started this little adventure, I was captivated with the idea of sharing my travels to you. But then when life pushed me even further, I realised I can’t be a freaking travel blogger. I’m too lazy to keep wearing dresses wherever I go, and it’s in poor taste if we keep talking about ourselves.

Except, ya know, my “about me” section is suppose to be, well, me. Got ya there, buddy.

Instead, I’ve changed venues and decided to focus on creating a community of people who want to travel, while talking about life, entrepreneurship, and really good coffee.

So, here’s the deal: you can join me on this wild goose chase of learning about the world we live in, or you can click the ‘X’ button on your browser tab and never here from me again.

Either way, I’m happy you’ve made it this far in my long ramble about what this blog is suppose to be.


See you when I see you,