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A coffee and dessert lover’s guide to Sydney!

girl holding big glass of caramel delicacy ice cream from movenpick


The scene:

Even though Sydney doesn’t have a strong ass coffee scene like Melbourne, you’ll still have your odd selection of places to visit and dessert shops to try.

Personally, I loved getting the opportunity to meet locals, interact, and then ask what their favourite place would be. Some of these were from personal recommendations while others, I scoured the Internet for!

For what it’s worth — the entire city makes way for the perfect opportunity to blend caffeine with just about any dessert like ice cream, cotton candy, and even as an afterthought for the perfect vegan meal.

So, if you’re here for pretty random recommendations from locals as well as ones you’ll find on BuzzFeed, then read on!

different signs at the grounds of alexandria

My favourite coffee places around Sydney:

Bondi Junction

Nelson Road Tuckshop – Although it’s better known for their avocado toasts, this small bistro also serves organic, well-made coffee that goes well with everything on the menu!

Address: 60 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

The Cook and Baker – Better known as a pastry place (I think you’ll later get the pattern here…), I found it by chance whilst strolling through Oxford Street on the way to Paddington. The food was amazing and the flat white even more so.

Address: 238 Oxford St, Bondi Junction

Triple Pick Coffee – I often had to pass by Bronte Rd to get to my AirBnb and so had this neat little shop recommended to me by my host. If you can handle it, order a flat white with two shots in their smallest cup. Thank me later.

Address: 17 Gray St, Bondi Junction

Central Business District (CBD)

Now let’s talk about Sydney’s heart — the CBD! I don’t know about you but I’ve spent plenty of times around here hanging around The Rocks or walking all the way from Darling Harbour and into Macquarie in search of the best coffee!

Single O CBD – Went here as a recommendation from one Brit businessman I met on the bus. Ended up waiting in line for one of the best flat white’s I’ve ever had. Yep.

Address: 89 York St, Sydney

Kikko Cafe – On my last day in the city while strolling around the Queen Victoria Building, I happened on this small shop which serves lean, mean sandwiches paired off with a cappuccino or cafe au lait, you’ll have fun thinking about throughout the day.

Address: Queen Victoria Building, 29/455 George St, Sydney

Gumption by Coffee Alchemy – If you don’t mind drinking a cup of espresso then look no further! Always served with the smallest coffee cups, you either only order a finely grained espresso or a cafe au lait.

Address: The Strand Arcade, 11/412-414 George St, Sydney CBD


South End Cafe – Absolutely recommended by the people at Yelp and BuzzFeed, I’ve heard great things about how they brew their mix and can I just say? It totally lives up to their reputation.

Address: 644 King St, Erskineville

Satellite – If you’re into the whole breakfast thing (like me), you can take a peak of this cozy cafe during rush hour. Okay, maybe not. Still — it’s worth checking out if only for their perfect flat white to go.

Address: 8/78-80 Wilson St, Newtown

Surry Hills

Sample Coffee – If Surry is the place to be for coffee goers, then this shop is perfect for the chic, trendy caffeine addicted breakfast person who loves nothing more than an espresso.

Address: 1a/118 Devonshire St, Surry Hills

Four Ate Five – Reminded me a whole lot of Melbourne and thus, a visit became warranted. If you love outdoor seating, this would be an amazing place to people watch while having a cup of cappuccino.

Address: 485 Crown St, Surry Hills

Single Origin Roasters – Saved the best for last! After seeing this on BuzzFeed and plenty of Sydney-based bloggers’ posts, I just had to try it! If I could recommend only one place, this would be it. No lie.

Address: 60 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills

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girl holding big glass of caramel delicacy ice cream from movenpick

….And the dessert places I absolutely loved

Fair warning, I didn’t get as much chance to try desserts over at Sydney and some other areas because of the heavy rain during the week I stayed at. Also because I’m not like, I dunno, insane about sweets either. But that’s my personal take on it.

Either way, it would be rude to come here and not have your go at stuffing your face with candies, ice cream, and crazy custom made desserts either!

Bondi Junction

Sadhana Kitchen – If you want to give being vegan a try, perhaps you could a order one of their famous Maxibons over here. As people lined up for this, I couldn’t help but be curious enough to try despite the rain.

San Churro – I’ve always been a big fan of churros since I was a kid. So, going here quickly became a must for me! Kudos to getting to see Bondi Beach along the way too.

Address: 5/84-88 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Earth to Table – Another crowd favourite, if you love raw and vegan stuff, you’ll love their homemade cakes and smoothies.

Address: 85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction


Aqua S – By chance, I ended up going here because another Asian girl I met on the bus told me it was a must-try for everyone. After finishing the soft serve, I can only say: she was so right.

Address: 501 George St, Sydney

La Renaissance Patisserie and Cafe – Remember when I said, I loved going to the Rocks? Yep. This small shop has some of the most unique cakes I’ve set eyes on and it also helps they serve great coffee to boot.

Address: 47 Argyle St, The Rocks


Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe – Don’t get me wrong – I’m usually not one for big pastries and tons of chocolates, but I have to tell you, you should most definitely try their cookie ice cream. It’s so delicious!

Address: 199 King St, Newtown

N2 Extreme Gelato – As recommended by many people on the internet, their gelato is insanely good! Maybe even better than the traditional ones with their nuclear powered liquid. Or not. Ha.

Address: 43/1 Dixon St, Sydney

As you can see:

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve also eaten my weight around here. Butttt it’s totally acceptable, right?!

Also, just so we’re clear: I did love the ice cream I ate used as my cover photo, but because Movenpick is an international marketing chain, I opted to choose shops and cafes that were local.

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photo of a laundromat building covered by shadows at surry hills

Over to you:

Are you more of a dessert places or coffee shop kind of person?

Leave your answer on a comment below! Would love to know!


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