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Easy breezy day trips from Tokyo

I suppose one of the few things many travel agencies and blogs miss out on, is Japan’s beautiful countryside. I’ve had my fair share of day trips this past year and couldn’t be happier to get lost in looking at waterfalls, trees, and the stunning mountain ranges.

Well, okay, as foggy and cold as everything can be, anyhow.

More on that, I’ll also show you other cities you can visit and check out that aren’t as busy as Japan’s capital. Even more, when they remind you a bit of being in Europe.

Let me take you on a tour of where you can escape the hustle and bustle of unique city life in Tokyo for the much more quiet experience but all the same — amazing one.

raining in the middle of a huge snow bank and trees surrounding it like no tomorrow

#1. Fujiten Snow Resort

If you’re interested in snowboarding or skiing, going to the nearby resort near Mt. Fuji would be an awesome experience!

Even during Spring, this place is pretty active and stays incredibly foggy despite the sunny weather down in the city.

small village nestled between trees in the middle of a huge fog grey skies

#2. Odawara Castle

If you’d love to see a small prefecture in Japan, head on over to Odawara and see the castle in the middle of the city. Although above isn’t a photo of the castle, you’ll love getting the chance to see a more quiet side to the otherwise noisy Tokyo.



#3. Lake Ashino

Probably one of the prettiest lakes I’ve ever been to, Lake Ashino in the Mr. Fuji district will give you all these amazing VSCO Cam feels whilst it’s raining but I heard it’s sunny and beautiful when it isn’t.

Once the fog clears, you’ll be able to also see a different side of Mt. Fuji!

vsco cam inspired scenery of mountains covered in fog taken from afar

#4. Owakudani

One of the famous hot springs in this side of Japan, it would be a great location and thing to experience even though it’s usually crowded during Winter time.

picture of entrance taken from the bottom with fog covering it in the middle of acre trees fujikinawa temple


#5. Hakone

Explore beautiful temples at Japan’s mountain side, like Hakone. Unlike its city counterparts, the shrine is less crowded and friendly locals are willing to share with you a brief history of the place.



#6. Mt. Fuji

Of course, if you’re within the vicinity, a trip down to Mt. Fuji is a must! Be wary because we headed down while it was raining and so didn’t get the chance to see the mountain in all its glory.



#7. Yokohama

Probably my new favourite city in Japan to date, Yokohama briefly reminds me of a small city in Europe — where people bike their way to work and where everything looks magical¬†as you stroll along.

girl holding white umbrella and wearing a pink coat in front of waterfalls standing on rocks

#9. Kegon Falls

Said to be one of Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls, Kegon Falls is nestled in a small district in Japan. Not many tourists while we were here.

bridge over cherry blossom trees joining together

#10. Atami City

If you couldn’t make it to Yokohama, you can head on over to the other side, Atami where there’s tons of beautiful cherry blossoms surrounding gardens and palaces.

Over to you:

Do you have any recommendations for day trips?


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