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Despite working hard to provide you up-to-date information about the author of this site and where she has been (while constantly eating a bag of chips), I make no representations or warranties of any kind about the completeness, reliability, suitability, accuracy, and availability (what a mouthful) of any information, products, services, or related graphics contained in Alternative Post: Travel Edition for any other purpose.

Especially when it so happens I link you to websites which may no longer be available, checked, or provide accurate information for your travel schedules. In any case, I heard this big search-engine company named after the alphabet would be really helpful under these pressing circumstances.

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Pinky promise and all that jazz.

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I cannot be held responsible for any damage, offence, or loss you may have from reading articles on my website due to translation of any kind. My elementary school teacher assured my seven year old self, this wouldn’t happen. You have to believe me.

Even though my hosting platform assures me http://www.kiaramijares.com will be running 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year, the site may be temporarily or permanently disabled without notice or discretion. Due to technical aspects my design certificate has not helped me understand or other external, excruciating circumstances like the “great flood” happening right before my doorstep. I will not be held liable if for any reason my website chooses to be picky and is unavailable for any period of time.

Getting to the bottom of this might be a little tricky.

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I am not responsible for the privacy practices of my advertisers, third-party companies (with whom I have no affiliation), or blog commenting ninjas who have no life except to hate on us.

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I also reserve the right to delete or spam hateful comments left on http://www.kiaramijares.com without notice due to: offensive language and concepts, spam comments, questionable intent, or attacks a group or person individually.

I do, however, love it when people give me helpful suggestions, tips, and advice with what I’m doing about my life. Yep.

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Unless stated otherwise, all products such as ebooks, videos, membership sites, and other services on the world wide web which were created by me, can be brought to my attention if there is any language lost in translation, broken links, or defects in products I have provided.

All reviews, sponsored advertisements, and future partnerships under this website will presented in a very honest and disclose whether I have received any commission or product for free.

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