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On why you don’t have to explain to everyone how you travel

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Are you tired of having to explain to people how you travel?

Based on personal experience alone, people tend to make assumptions about you right from the get-go. Especially when it comes to how you travel.

If you’re like me and pretty exposed to different blogs, especially travel-related ones, then you would know about the constant debate between being a traveller and a tourist. I mean, yeah…I get where everyone is coming from.

But why can’t you be a tourist and a traveller?

As a solo traveller, if you stay at hotels because it makes you feel safer – then go for it. Similarly, when you’re sleeping with 6 other people in the same room at a hostel, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

I just feel like everyone’s been telling others how to travel, how to experience, and even at one point when you don’t feel the same way — you become an invalid to many in the community.

Personally, I have not experienced this. Yet, I see everyone else writing tons and tons of guides, staying optimistic about each city without naming ones they didn’t like.

Let me be the first, then.

I liked the idea of Rome. I didn’t love being in the city.


In Vienna, I found old art history to be a sneeze whereas I was like a little kid on Christmas when I went to the Technology museum. I didn’t even bother going to the Freud Museum, and I’m a Psychology graduate.

How about it?

Have you ever felt like you aren’t suppose to feel this way because everyone else loved it? Now a days, this is what social media has been doing to us.

Please don’t invalidate your own feelings and then defend how you choose to see the world in fear of being judged.

We’re too young and we’ve come too far to let ourselves down.

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Similarly, we shouldn’t be the first to tell people how to experience the world.

We want the best for others. That’s true.

However, no one experiences that same thing the exact same way. It’s not likely. At all.

As a kid who had pale white skin (you can check my baby photos for proof), I was often told I was rich.

Not because I was earning or that I owned a mansion. It was for learning how to converse in English and for the colour of my skin.

This carried on up until now, as someone who is earning and still isn’t living in a mansion. There are people who naturally assume I never work a day in my life.

But we should open their eyes to the best of what the world has to offer.

I help them understand how the colour of my skin has nothing to do with wealth.

I refuse to be put down when it comes to defending my own work’s worth.

Why should we feel misjudged because we hate hostels?

However, this isn’t a go signal for you to carry on your merry way.

Travelling allows you the opportunity to experience the world differently from home.

I know a part of me carried on the assumption that because people already had assumptions about me, that I could treat them as they were.

Not even close.

We travel because we want to see more of what the world has in store for us.

We choose exotic, beautiful, and even luxurious destinations because we choose to hone our personal journeys through these.

We want to go shopping in different countries because that’s what makes us happy.

We choose to travel around a city for seven instead of three days because we want to take our time instead of ticking things off our lists quickly.

Why invalidate that?

Over to you:

Do you agree?

Why or why not?

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  • I can definitely see some of this. I think it even comes down in the debate of traveling with a suitcase vs backpack (I prefer a suitcase because I hate having my back hurt after lugging around a suitcase and I like organization, but to many people that invalidates you as a traveler). I do try to be honest about the places I visit. Some places I love, but I’ve had terrible experiences at, so I try to tell those stories, too. I’m a bit like you–I didn’t love Rome. In fact, I have no desire to go back.

    • Kiara Mijares

      I totally get you, Karlie! I hate it when people invalidate me on my choices about what to bring, where to stay, and etc as well. And ugh finally, someone who doesn’t love Rome too! I mean Rome is really a once in a lifetime experience and to me, it’s okay if it’s like…only once. Yeah.

      Thank you for the commenting! So happy to read you can relate to my post 🙂

      • I’m glad we get each other! I really don’t get why people love Rome as much as they do. I think it’s the idea of Rome people usually fall in love with, personally.

  • Meghan Crawford

    I definitely get this. I feel like there’s a pressure to be a minimalist traveler who only couch surfs or stays in a hostel and wears the same t-shirt ten days in a row. And while I’ve definitely done some travel like that, I’ve also stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun (VERY “touristy”) and had a fabulous time. Humans aren’t so one-dimensional and neither is travel. It’s possible to enjoy multiple things, haha.

    • Kiara Mijares

      Super true, Meghan! I just hate that a lot of people have been putting others in a box lately and it doesn’t encourage the idea of travelling by your own means or methods

  • Kiara Mijares

    So true, El!

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