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Favourite Spring Dressing Hacks For Long-Term Travellers

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There’s many things to be said when you’re travelling for months on end and going through the change of seasons. Undoubtedly, a crowd favourite would have to be Spring – where it’s sunny with pretty strong winds (but definitely not as bad as winter’s).

Right now, it’s Spring in Japan and I’ve felt so inspired by seeing the street fashion scene in this side of the world, I thought of taking a trip down memory lane for all the times I had to dress for Spring!

girl with short hair wearing brown leather jacket and a grey turtle neck black pants and white nike sneakers

Spring is the perfect season for leather jackets

…Super true! Especially when you have the chance to wear sleeveless inside and pair it with your best white sneakers.

I love packing leather jackets for Spring just because it isn’t too cold that you need a trench coat or too hot that you can’t wear anything else.

However, it helps when you’re packing for every type of weather as I didn’t realise how much rain there would be in Paris during this time of the year. Or even how hot Vienna is too.

girl smiling looking away while holding blue jacket at the underground du louvre

In which case, you’d need to prepare for the worst

Last year’s Spring in Paris was the absolute worst. And I’m not saying this because it rained a lot but because an old French woman whom I bought a jacket from said so herself.

So prepared by packing turtle necks, comfy jeans, and a pair of ankle boots which can also be worn during winter.

I’m a true advocate for dressing appropriately and there’s no better time for it than getting to mix and match your clothes between seasons.

girl smiling at a different direction wearing a pixie cut

You can never go wrong with black

Tried and tested by even the best Fashion girls, black is one colour that’s perfect for all seasons.

As a long term traveller, pay attention to the most comfortable clothes such as loose fitting blouses you can pair with a polo inside.

This way, you won’t have to worry about which ones work best for the next trip you’re taking.

girl smiling in front of the camera in the middle of bo kaap

Have at least one beige trench coat with you

To be honest, I’ve found it to be amazing — you can literally pair it with everything in your closet. I got mine from Promod, and brought it with me around Europe and South Africa because of its versatility.

I kid you not, you’ll thank me later for asking you to buy one. It probably wouldn’t fit in a small suitcase or your backpack, but it does help keep you warm.

selfie photo of mother and daughter wearing sunglasses on a sunny day in barcelona

Have a few summer-ready clothes which you can layer on

Given, I’m not actually layering anything on here…BUT previously, I wore this with a plain white t-shirt underneath. That has to count for something, right?

Anyways, I always like making sure I have a white polo, t-shirt, or denim cropped top with me whenever I travel since they’re so easy to pair and can be used as undergarments for whatever weather there is throughout the day.

cherry blossom explosion on castle grounds

Over to you:

Do you have any advice for dressing hacks?

What’s your favourite season of the year?

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