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How to pack when you’re travelling between seasons

packing clothes in a suitcase with a floppy hat on top

With only a week away until I leave for my summer trip en route Sydney to Tokyo, and then Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and lastly back to Singapore before heading home. I have three months ahead of me of different cities and varying degrees of weather! Even though I’ll have a day or two back home home before my next flight, I’ve taken every advantage and opportunity to plan how to pack all my clothes.

For the first time ever, I’ll be switching all my luggage between cities just coming home in time to pick one up before heading to the airport again. I gotta admit — I am super excited for this!

Finally, after a year of working as a copywriter and then as a web designer, I’ve finally invested my money on some traveling this year.

And so, because you guys loved my airport outfit so much, I thought I’d share my two cents on which clothes to pack for the changing seasons, how to fit them all in your luggage (mine are all medium-sized), and finally how to not run out of clothes in between!

Last year, while I was going around Europe, I didn’t think much about what to wear rather than bringing only the neutrals with me. Now, I’ll still be going to different cities and countries, but the seasons are entirely different from another.

For one, it’s raining a lot in Sydney right now but because it’s known to be quite hot in the city, I also need to bring with me summer clothes. Whereas it’s Spring in Tokyo and considered to be cold!

If you’re in a similar situation, I hope this post helps you a lot. Plus, I feel this would be ideal for long-term travellers as well.

For the summer cities:

Dresses are life savers! When I know I’m going to a relatively hot country, I always make sure to about 3 good dresses for casual wear, one that’s good for semi-formal, and finally, a completely neutral laid back one I can wear when I go food shopping at K-Mart.

What I particularly love about them is how light they are too, so I never have to worry about excess baggage fees. Plus, I really love how versatile dresses are! Like, I always enjoy pairing them with oversized jackets or boots such as my pink Kickers ones in the photo.

Then of course, the hat is also a go-to! Personally, I enjoy wearing baseball caps and fedoras, but mostly when I wear dresses, I always like the whole cowboy feel with them when I have a floppy hat on and then ankle boots.

If dresses aren’t your thing, bring along a pair of shorts with you, an oversized tee, and then a pair of ankle boots. They do wonders to your comfort and confidence. Trust me. Yep.

Always have in mind — pack something comfortable for you. Who cares about the perfect photo if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, am I right?!

For colder climates:

This is where packing gets tricky. Since I fly out for Sydney the week before leaving for Tokyo and then heading to the latter right away with no pitstop at home, I’d have to pack clothes that are lightweight enough to lug around Australia while also enough to keep warm in the cold of Japan.

So, how do we really do this?! For one, I say pack pants! Haha! I used to really hate wearing jeans when I was younger. I would choose shorts or dresses instead. Now a days, you’ll see me wearing jeans of different cuts more than dresses and sometimes, more than shorts. I love that they’re efficient when you’re travelling for long periods of time. And you won’t be judged for it too 😉

Next, because I’m such a lazy person…I don’t like lugging my luggage around. I want to make sure I can bring it with no worry and want to make sure that when I’m travelling, I’m always wearing neutrals with one standard colour (in this case: pink). So, for a colder climate I prefer bringing white sneakers instead of boots. Although I have yet to really check the weather to be sure.

What else? Oh! I don’t know about you but I love bringing with me one jacket that has a hood and one for Instagram purposes. Let’s face it – photography and travel go hand in hand. It’s pretty difficult to not consider what you’re wearing especially when you’re not sure if you’re going to go back to that place.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend packing a pair of boots with you because most brands tend to stick near your knees and can get itchy after a while.

For the long-term traveller:

I’m not going to pretend I even know anything about traveling for backpackers. And so, I’m going to assume by long-term travel, you’ll be bringing with you either medium or large-sized luggages.

When I was packing for my trip around Europe, I knew I would be buying clothes there despite the hectic increase of currency value (I mean…Philippine pesos vs Euros. C’mon). Which is why I packed neutrals and one leather jacket. On my first day in Paris, it was only 0 degrees that day with heavy rainfall. I ended up stuffing my black ballerina flats into my bag, purchased a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, and a quilted blue jacket I wore everywhere.

If you’re more prepared for the weather than I am — which I’m hoping you are — bring one good jacket with a hood which you can wear everyday and then a simpler one without a hood for those sunny days.

In terms of shoes, bring ankle boots that go for every weather and then a pair of white sneakers. They are life savers, I’m telling you. And plus, your wallet won’t cry as much as mine did. Ha.

For clothes, I love everything thermal in Uni-qlo. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a Japanese brand that’s great for inner-wear and their outerwear simplicity equating to comfort for days!

As I mentioned earlier, pack neutrals with one accent colour. In my photos, it’s pink. But most of the time, I prefer yellow or blue since they’re easier to match with the clothes I already own.

Over to you:

What cities are you heading to this summer?

Have you packed for them yet?

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