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The no fail, airport uniform for the stylish traveller

girl looking sideways from airplane turning at its heel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had difficulty staying put in big stuffy planes. The ones where someone keeps coughing during a long-haul flight and you’re trying to sleep. Or the ones where everything just makes you feel iffy and off about the entire ride. There are days where everything just feels so uncomfortable, you’re left wondering if this is all worth it (newsflash: it is).

Over the years, I’ve come to the point where my outfit is considered a factor for how comfortable the flight can be for me and sometimes, my mood at the end of a long journey. And after many trial attempts at fitting joggers, flats, and hats to the ready airport uniform, I’ve finally found one to wear that doesn’t make me flinch after a flight.

So here’s a simple airport uniform that has helped me get through security, and long-haul flights on big stuffy planes!

full photo of outfit of a girl wearing sunglasses a jacket and jeans on a hot day

Sunglasses: Vedi by Vedi Vero | Military Jacket: Forever 21 | Silk Top: Mango | Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters | Bag: Mango | Flats: Geox

Overall formula for the outfit:

I wanted something that was casual enough to the airport but was also fool proof when spending a day out in the city I’m heading to. I’m a victim to forgetting to bring extra shirts to change into when there’s a layover, so I always opt to wear something lightweight which gives off a clean look. Hence why my palette usually consists of easy neutrals or blush tones.

Also, I’ve tried my fair hand at wearing lose fitting jeans or joggers while in the airport but it just makes me feel so…lazy. And is why I prefer wearing leggings or jeans while in a long-haul flight. I’m honestly not a big fan of dresses in the airplane since I can’t predict how cold it’s going to be — read: Singapore Airlines gets really cold after a while, whereas Philippine Airlines gets unbelievably hot. Ugh.

finger pointing to details of bag with a shining watch

The bag:

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of things to put in your bag. I usually like carrying small bags that match with my overall look instead. Most of the time though, I always carry with me a black backpack from Kate Spade where I can fit my laptop and camera instead of a carry-on.

This Gucci-inspired bag from Mango is perfect for your airport and beyond outfit, in my opinion, since it has 3 different compartments inside and is big enough to put a cosmetics bag, smartphone, and your power bank. If I go to places like Europe or the USA, I like bringing my leather Longchamp since it can fit a book and all my other belongings while still be as light as possible. #priorities

girl smiling down wearing vino verra sunglasses

The oversized sunglasses:

With everything else being neutral, why not get sunglasses that give it a pop of colour? These ones from Vedi Vero are my favourite! You can buy these sunglasses from any DFS store. I bought these ones from Guam and another pair in Macau for about $300. They’re extremely lightweight and the plastic won’t make you sweat while you’re walking around a hot country. Honest.

Aside from these, I’ve also always loved the classic gold aviators from Ray Bans that I wore everywhere in Europe. A cheaper alternative with a similar style would include Sunnies Studios which I brought alongside the Ray Bans. What I love about bringing alternatives is how they aren’t so expensive, and won’t worry me in case they get broken or lost while walking around La Fayette or anywhere else for that of hand holding bag wearing jeans and ballet flats

What’s in the uniform?

The Jacket:

I’ve always loved wearing jackets while in the plane. Especially if you can’t predict the in flight temperature! And it’s why this one from Forever 21 has been great for me. It comes with adjustable straps to fit your size while also four different pockets where you can put your phone and other small trinkets in.

Another alternative for your outfit could be the military jackets from Uni-qlo and Stradivarius. Because I love it when the jacket has shape (as opposed to the oversized straight ones), I always make sure to pair it with something loose in case I consume too much coffee and food!

The Jeans:

I know you’re probably wondering why I prefer jeans over lose fitting ones…Well, mainly because I don’t really like the whole joggers trend. I don’t think I like anything that involves sweats, to be honest. But I have on occasion worn them to try with a cropped top, jacket, and sandals while on a local flight. For long-haul ones, I prefer jeans that don’t itch and are flexible enough for you to wear. It took a while but I found them in these American Eagle Outfitters. I’ve worn a similar pair on the flight to Paris from Singapore (that’s 15 hours!) and have never felt uncomfortable or itchy. Or scruffy. Yep.

For other alternatives, I always like Mango Jeggings, and of course, ones from Uni-qlo.

The shoes:

There are days where I wear sneakers instead but recently, it has come to the point where the cabin pressure has become too much for my feet. Instead, I wear ballerina flats and bring an extra pair of socks in my bag to cover my feet from the cold.

These maroon ones from Geox are life savers! They’re so comfortable and have an inside heel that’s perfect for people with flat feet like me. Aside from these, I also prefer wearing black ballerina flats from Clarks or Michael Kors.

If you prefer sneakers, I like to think Converse is the way to go since they’re easy to take off for airport security. Or recently I’ve also found white shoes¬†People Footwear to be more comfortable, especially if you’re heading to cities like Cape Town where walking is a must.

However, if you’re travelling to cold countries, it’s easier to pack boots or booties into your airport-ready outfits. I’m a big fan of Vince Camuto, Nine West, and Staccato as they’re easier to take off and are so comfortable, they’ll last you for years to come. Trust me on this. I’ve had a pair of each since I was 13 and still wear them to my annual Macau trip. Oh, and the Vince Camuto ones have literally saved my feet from getting hurt in walking around cobblestone streets in the Czech Republic!

flat lay of mango bag iphone and sunglasses


What do you think of this airport uniform?

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  • Love the bag!

    K xx

  • I always tend to favour jeans for flights as well, mine are skinny ones that have a bit of stretch in so they’re super comfy. Other than that I always go for layers because – like you say – you never can tell how hot or cold the plane will be!

  • I wish I looked like that when I was on a plane! You pull off the look so well.

  • I love this whole look! Though, I would need a much bigger bag. lol.

    • Haha! I don’t pack a lot tbh. It’s mostly on my carry on. Thanks Malissa!

  • Yes! I totally agree- I have a hard time finding comfy clothes that don’t make me look frumpy. This outfit it perfect! I am in love with that jacket. It’s perfect for when you need a little warmth but nothing too heavy

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