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Finding new angles: Photography spots in Sydney

trees framing the photo of houses at bronte park

For what it’s worth, visiting Sydney is like an instagrammer’s dream come true. Aside from having all the insane desserts a bus ride away, you’ll also have coffee selections, beaches, and pastel coloured walls wherever you go.

I was fortunate to be at Bronte, a suburb near Bondi Beach, and travelled to lesser known shops and places ala BuzzFeed.

However, don’t be surprised for example when you happen to walk around Sydney’s quirky streets that you’ll find the most picturesque places — ones even some locals are so used to, they don’t notice anymore.

Safe to say, this is a photography guide for anyone planning to go to the city by foot and those who aren’t afraid to use their camera to take a snap right away.

Btw, some (okay, well, almost all) of them were taken by my iPhone, so I’m apologising in advance if they appear to be a bit grainy!

shot from far away surfer going to bondi

big waves crashing at bondi beach

Take a shot of Bondi Beach from the descending walkway instead of at Icebergs Cafe

I believe it’s universally acknowledged how much pictures become super similar when you read a popular blogger’s post about where to take a photo of Bondi Beach.

To be honest, even I’ve lost count how many tourists have taken their photos at Icebergs’ balcony. Instead, I encourage you to try experimenting with the walkway going there just to prove that you can take pretty good photos of both the pool and beach as well.

grass right in front of the ocean at bronte rock pool

Look for the nearest grassland to frame your photo of the Bronte Baths

While doing my research about Sydney, it’s come to the point where I ended up memorising what the baths would look like since almost all the photographers I found had the same photo.

Why not try climbing up the hill during your Bondi-Coogee walk and then look back, snap a shot of the baths?

pink and orange sunset at beach with white tippy houses

Similarly, you can climb on top of the hill at the other side as well

Pass through Bronte’s park and instead of going left to the beach’s parking lot, head right to where the residents usually head to. This way, you’ll be able to see the entire beach and half of the walk from the neighbouring area.

Take a photo of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge by riding a ferry to Darling Harbour

These photos were taken while the ferry stopped at Luna Park (Milson’s Point, I think) and gave everyone the chance to enjoy the view of the city along the way.

Make sure to sit at the end of the corridor where you aren’t inside the boat to have the best shot.

view of sydney from the royal botanical gardens

Take a photo of the Sydney skyline from Mrs. Macquire’s chair

I whole heartily believe the best view of the entire skyline would come from this spot in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

It’s going to be difficult to find if you aren’t a local, but trust me when I say — this view? Worth it.

Go to the left side of the Opera House and snap a photo of the Harbour bridge in between

As iconic as Sydney’s Opera House is, it’s so much more interesting to try looking for fresh new angles around it.

Even if you don’t go inside, try playing around with its shell-like architecture, get the feel for everything, and hopefully a decent photo of the harbour bridge as well!

seagull standing in front of the walkway at darling harbour

You just need one seagull to create an iconic photo of Sydney’s Darling Harbour

Although I’m deathly afraid of birds, I also wait out for a seagull to stand still and let me take a snap of it just because it will remind you of the city so much.


australian flag taken in front of two brown buildings

As much as possible, look up

Sydney reminds me a lot of England and I think many people would agree with me. When it comes to the CBD (Central Business District), have fun seeing the tower during sunset or the vintage-looking shops across its modern counterparts.

photo of a laundromat building covered by shadows at surry hills

Play with shadows at either Surry Hills or Newtown

Because I enjoy shadows — even when I draw — I loved being able to take note of the quirky buildings at Newtown or Surry Hills.

If you can’t find these places, Alexandria would be your next best bet!

trees framing a brown building in front of wynyard park

Over to you:

Do you have any recommendations for taking your photography game to the next level?

What are they?

Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!



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  • I love that you remind folks to walk around and try to take photos of iconic, popular places from another perspective! Perfect reminder for us photogs who sometimes get lazy and just shoot the normal touristy stuff.

    • Kiara Mijares

      That’s so true! It’s amazing when you see the results!

  • jen

    Awesome photos! Love the different angles you took!

    • Kiara Mijares

      Thanks Jen!

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