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Putting basics to good use: How to diversify your wardrobe with only a few pieces

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While in high school, I really hated having a uniform. In college, I still hated having a uniform and then a dress code. But over time, I learned to go around it and work with my usual basics to add a pop to any outfit. More than ever, I’ve used this over and over again when I travel!

Basics Tip #1: Have a not-so basic bag

In reality, I really love wearing black and white. And so, to make sure I add a little extra, I always choose colour bags to buy! This makes it easier to purchase black and white or denim into your wardrobe instead of feeling like a rainbow puked over you. Or something like that.

I bought this purple Michael Kors shoulder bag in Guam and just love how it upgrades the entire look without being over the top. I love a red bag as much as any girl, but purple has been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember too!

purple michael kors sling back against washed out jeans and white slip ons

Basics Tip #2: Make textures work for you

As a solid believer of washing your clothes while you travel and then wearing them again…I’ve learned to work my way to a good outfit by changing the textures every now and then. I initially didn’t have a ‘scarf’ on here but decided I should wrap my handkerchief around my neck and see how it goes — also because it was really hot that day!

Turns out, the blue and white plaid texture really changed the entire outfit! Okay, so sometimes we have to work with all our basics. You can also try having an all black outfit with different textures to spice things up. You’ll see how even the smallest change can bring the biggest impact.

close up shot of let it be black tshirt with the beatles faces on it and a blue scarf

Basics Tip #3: Stylish yet comfortable shoes

If there’s one fashion trend I completely love: it’s wearing mules. Lately, I love how I get to pair jeans with everything now and especially these mules. They are super comfortable and at the same time, great for when you’re travelling around cities!

These are Joseph Campbell ones I bought a few weeks ago. To also play around with basics, you can purchase silver or gold ones at ASOS as well. They’re amazing to pair with either an all white or all black outfit.

white loafers slip ons against brown and yellow leaves cropped

gold dog sniffing my leg while i pet it smiling down

Over to you:

How do you mix up your basics?

And also, isn’t that dog super cute???!

Putting Basics To Good Use: How to Diversify Your Wardrobe with Only A Few Pieces | Via Isabelle

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    These are such great tips! I definitely needed them, so thank you! I also absolutely love these shoes!

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