The serious business of re-branding

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The past weeks following my very confused state since getting accepted into City’s Journalism program and trying to build a business, has me thinking about what the heck I’ve been doing with this blog (or site, whatever).

In fact, I am floored with the amount of page views and unique visitors I’ve received – based on Google Analytics – since deciding to do my mental detox a.k.a going back to working my butt off as a copywriter, reading fiction, ignoring the world.

Ooh, and I also ended up becoming a legit hermit. Don’t ask me how it happened.

Considering this blog has been abandoned for a few months now, and has been getting more significant views from strangers on the Internet since I stopped BoardBooster + marketing it in every damn place.

Seriously dude, how did that happen?!

I’ve decided to make a choice between building a biz I’m not 100% sure I love or continuing my mental detox and figuring out how to incorporate this blog in all of it.

One thing’s for sure, I am not keeping Via Isabelle as my brand name. I realised that due to my…erm, determination to become a socialite in the travel blogging sphere, I’ve been ignoring the things I love versus what I tend to hate whilst on the road.

I do love beautiful hotels and interior + architecture but I believe I’ve reached the point where only giving reviews to like, 5+ stars stuff isn’t helping people get to know my personal preferences. This would include: quirky stuff, and vintage-looking hotels where elevators aren’t made of chains. Hmm.

I’m also a big fan of fashion and personal style, but I would never bother packing an off-shoulder dress when on vacation. I’d rather bring boots, my trust pair of People Footwear sneakers, and tons of band shirts. That’s just how I roll. Apparently, that doesn’t do well when you’re an “aspiring” blogger.

Ooh, and I’ve given up on travel guides for the time being. I realised whilst trying to build a name on here, I did all of that stuff without a care in the world. I thought it would be different, drive high amounts of traffic, and…blah. Interesting enough but not going to help me form a community of individuals who look forward to reading my work.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing and drinking coffee during my mental detox stage. It’s reached a point where I just…I dunno, I looked at my site and thought: “This isn’t something I would bookmark.”

And that saddens me. A lot.

If you’re a part of the group Digital Nomad Girls on Facebook, you’d know I was thinking about doing blog posts which relate Economics to travelling. Because whilst looking for interesting reads on the Internet, I tend to move towards Psychology, personal finance, and, well, the economy.

It’s time I start staying true to who I am. Whether that’s helping you learn freelancing, get into travelling, or creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Actually, I’ve been toying with the idea of building a community of digital nomads & freelancers who want to know the exact steps (+ results!) I’ve had in order to start travelling. I know people are often in the face of bankruptcy, or confusion about life.  Aren’t we all?

Plus, it gives me a legit reason to start talking about money for fun. I’m probably one of those weird oddballs who love to deliver value for currency, stocks, take-out places…

SO, in the coming weeks I’m looking for suggestions, comments, opinions about what YOU would love to read and what troubles you as a freelancing creative.

I’ve also gotten around to asking people on Facebook about this. Kinda. Anyhoo, Via Isabelle will renamed, re-modeled, re-branded, and re-considered.

It’s time to start thinking about my own writing voice (again) and find my groove.

Jeezus, I sound like an old 80’s retired divorcee looking for fun.

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