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20 best shoes for travelling (+ guide on when to wear them!)

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I can barely remember the day where I didn’t like buying shoes!

Now, I buy any type of shoe as much as I spend on a plane ticket, sometimes even more. I’ve always been in love with clothes but always felt insecure about it. Do you feel the same way?

And so, when I realised it could be a good tips for the blog, I really wanted to point out that — no, it took me long to get over being insecure about what I was wearing. It wasn’t until my last trip in Spain did I realise there wasn’t anything to be insecure about. I could wear what I wanted because I wanted it.

Plus, with my love for travel, I’ve come to the point where I do shop for clothes as long as they fit with where I was going or they’re comfortable enough to wear throughout the entire day. This applies to shoes as well. I don’t want to give out recommendations to shoes or brands that I haven’t tried walking around in. In fact, this post will probably have many photos of me wearing these shoes while on vacation or somewhere new!



girl looking back from camera wearing sandals and red elephant pants with brown leather fossil bag


Sandals: Charles and Keith | Pants: Zara

When I was younger, I was a big fan of flip flops! Because wearing Havaianas was so in, I’d pair them with jeans and a cute top. Now a days, you’ll barely see me wearing them — Havaianas or even, sandals. However, if I do end up wearing them, it’s because I’m travelling to another beach destination like Guam. So far, these ones from Charles and Keith are my go-to-sandals for travel!

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Boots and Booties

Boots: Doc Martens and Stacatto | Top: Promod | Jeans: Mango

Bag: Vintage shop in Oz | Scarf: Promod

Having grown up in a tropical country, a lot of my friends are surprised at how much I love wearing boots and booties! I have yet to appreciate knee-high boots, however, but I do love wearing booties whenever I travel. Whenever I go to Macau for new years, I always make sure to wear the boots I wore the previous year, and then buy some more! Haha!

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girl wearing plaid top with scarf looking behind camera in front of repetto store at parisian


Loafers and Ballet Flats

Loafers: Staccato | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Uni-qlo

Scarf: Promod | Bag: Vintage

When it comes to loafers and ballet flats, I didn’t fully appreciate them until I went to Paris and saw really pretty ones at La Fayette. Now a days, I love wearing ballet flats or loafers to all my outfits and have consistently worn my black Michael Kors ones on almost every trip now.

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Shoes: People Footwear | Trench: Promod | Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

If there’s a pair of shoes I would recommend for everyone bring for their vacation, it’s sneakers. While in college, I was really into the whole rubber shoes phase every one used to be in (some still are), since I’d be wearing either my Nike or New Balance rubber shoes. I’ve now grown out of this phase and have been picking rubber shoes which are more…feminine. And simpler too. However, since discovering sneakers which offer the same support, I’ve been more drawn to them than ever before.

Before making four different recommendations, I’d like to take a moment and highly recommend People Footwear (um, they don’t know I exist but anyway). I bought a pair of their The Phillips Knit, as you can see I wore on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, and fell in love with these shoes! If there’s one pair I highly recommend — it’s this. Mostly because whether it was raining, muddy, or on top of a steep mountain, these shoes didn’t fail me. Plus they’re so light. I couldn’t believe it. So there.

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girl looking out while sitting down smiling wearing brown army jacket and converse shoes


How ’bout you? What’s your go-to shoe for travelling?

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