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Checking In: The Venetian, Macau

white and brown exterior at the front of venetian macau

The Venetian has always been the dream hotel in my eyes.

Since I’ve been intrigued by Italian-inspired design even as a kid, I found this hotel to be magical. Getting the chance to stay here was even better.

Because I haven’t gone to Macau during the summer time, my Mom and I thought it would be a great idea to try. And since we didn’t want to go to our usual hotel at Old Town, we decided to book a room at the Venetian during our entire vacation.

I’ve written here a detailed guide post for you on what to expect while you’re at the Venetian and why I believe even a night here would be worth the pay!

tall bridge at the venetian

You’ll feel like you’re in mini-Venice while seeing tons of Asians.

It’s true though! I haven’t been to Venice yet but from the photos I’ve seen and from what I’ve heard, the entire complex would be a great alternative if you’re looking for a wonderful place to stay at while in Macau.

More than ever, they try their best to keep everything close to Venezia and it’s also the reason why the Venetian is probably the most popular hotel in the city. This is also probably the only place I know where people make it a must to go to while they’re visiting. If you’re curious, the group who put this up also built an alternative for Paris: The Parisian. Both of these are larger than their Las Vegas counterparts.

big clock at the centre of the venetian square

Prepare to get lost. A lot.

I’ve been here too many times and still got lost! The entire complex is HUGE and it was only when I stayed here that I truly experienced what happens all around its four different lanes. Then maybe things didn’t seem so huge afterwards anymore.

Oh, and The Venetian is also connected to a chain of other hotels in the Cotai Strip. From here, you can go to Sands, Four Seasons, and just recently, The Parisian.

What about Checking In?

Okay, here’s the tricky part. You have to go to the main entrance for the check in and then pass the casino before heading up to your room. From there, you’ll have to walk a long hallway in search for your number. Got that? Okay. Haha.

From the airport, you can ride the bus which will take you directly to all the hotels in the Cotai Strip, including the Venetian. Afterwards, the buses will drop you off at the main lobby where you’ll have to wait in line for check in.

The regular room — I only have photos of it from Snapchat — is crazy big. I mean it. For a regular rate, it’s like you’ve entered the suite in any other hotel. Ours had the view of the Galaxy Hotel and kind of overlooked the entire strip as well.

You’ll have two double beds, a TV set, tiny kitchen, and a big bathroom for starters. When you have to check out, simply find your way back to the main lobby through the chain of designer brands.

tall court jester on sticks inside the venetian macau

You’ll also have your daily dose of entertainment.

What I love about the Venetian is how court jesters, musicians, singers, and dancers roam the streets then set up shop. After their performance, you won’t have to wait more than an hour for another set of performers to take the stage.

Staying there is amusing to say the least, especially when the performers love interacting with the people!

Aside from performers, you’ll also have an array of designer brands to shop at, the best restaurants in Macau, and most especially — the egg tarts!!! Personally, I love shopping here since the best items tend to find their way in this part of the city instead of Old Town.

river at the front of bridge of venetian connecting to sands and other hotels at cotai strip

Over to you:

What do you think of The Venetian?

You may book a room at The Venetian through their official website or at Agoda for a discounted offer.

As always, all opinions and photos are mine.



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  • Hanna-Mari Kristiina

    I’m just planning a trip to Macau, will have to check this hotel out. At least in photos it looks gorgeous!

    • Kiara Mijares

      It’s really gorg, Hanna!

  • Michelle/

    I wonder if this hotel was designed by the same person who designed the Venetian in Vegas

    • Kiara Mijares

      I think they’re in the same group. Just that this is bigger than the one in Vegas.

  • LDB

    Hihi, prepare to get lost 🙂 That’s the best way to discover a place! Thanks for sharing your tips, looks like a great spot.

    • Kiara Mijares

      Thank you LDB!

  • Amby Dot

    Need to check out this hotel, Will try in future.

    • Kiara Mijares

      Try it out, Amby. You won’t regret it!

  • Natalie Anastasia

    I love anything inspired by Italy so I would have loved this hotel too! Thanks for sharing your experience – you have some amazing photos

    • Kiara Mijares

      Thanks Natalie! I can say the same for you, especially since I’ve been looking through your blog since yesterday!


    Super trip. Your photos are super.
    Thanks for inspirations.

    • Kiara Mijares

      Thank you!!

  • Neha Verma

    Wow. The place looks so neatly planned. The venetian facilities also seem to stand out. No wonder it has been in your dream list. I am headed to venice and I will let you know about the comparison factor 🙂

    • Kiara Mijares

      I hope you’d let me know, Neha! I’d really love to know and to even visit Venice one day!

  • Lauren Perry

    This place looks awesome!!! I forget sometimes that there are casinos on Macau so when I see this it reminds me of Las Vegas a bit. Great detail in the blog and thank you for the photos!

    • Kiara Mijares

      Thanks Lauren! And yes, Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia!

  • BonBon

    Aaaaw… beautiful hotel. I was there before our wedding day, circa 2004:) So cool you stayed and enjoyed the place.

    • Kiara Mijares

      Yeah, I couldn’t believe I got to stay at this beauty! Thanks BonBon!

  • What a fun and lovely place to visit! This hotel looks amazing!

    • Kiara Mijares

      It really is! Thanks Cameron!

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