Work With Me

When I rebranded Via Isabelle, I started catering to quirky individuals looking to be part of a community of travellers interested in reading about the world – beyond top destinations, must-do’s, and those awfully “must-try’s” no one seems to be specific about.

In maybe some strange circumstance you would want to work with me, I’ve brought together a list of priced services that fit my personal brand and my audience:

Article Writing/Sponsored Posts:

I love to write about observations, funny anecdotes, and real stories about a city, town, or the countryside. But if you’re looking for someone to write for a press trip, please don’t expect me to write about the 10 best things about this or that.

Instead, I attract individuals who are looking for a good, honest, read about a place and how to experience it in the best way possible. Plus, we’re looking at some philosophical stuff and tv-show references in between those lines too.





Every once in a while, I show my face in front of the camera and have this strong urge to share an experience with my favourite people. I love helping companies promote their brands that create an authentic traveller experience – stuff involving bucket lists, flights, and contests which makes everyone giddy with joy.

As someone who’s always on the Internet (true story), I love working with energetic start-ups, especially in the technology, fashion, or travel industry who are looking to foster a community with their potential consumer.




How do we start working together?

For starters, I don’t feel pressured by working timelines (like I needed that done yesterday, dude) but I also expect the same treatment once we enter a contract. Read: Once I deliver a service, I send an invoice, and you pay me on time. Not x many months later. I do this because I  really care about my blog and the community I’m trying to grow.

Second, please send me a detailed proposal about what you want you expect from my services alongside if you have a package preference.

If this all sounds good to you and you’re excited to send in your proposal, you can either email me at: (my business blog) or fill in the contact form below!