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The Land of the Rising Sun: Yokohama City Guide

At the south of Tokyo — 45 minutes by train, to be specific — is Yokohama. As one of the first and largest Japanese ports to open foreign trade, the city may very well remind you of a small city in Europe.

Or more specifically, a city somewhere in the regions of The Netherlands as tulips were grew more around these parts than cherry blossoms. Now a days, Yokohama is the third largest city in Japan and is where many Tokyo-based workers decide to take residence.

If you’re ever looking to visit beyond the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, then I can wholeheartedly say, this city might just be for you.

We took an express bus on the way here from Shibuya station and I was quite surprised at how convenient everything here in these parts within our entire day trip.

So, without further ado, here’s my Yokohama city guide!

Where to stay:

You can easily spend a day in Yokohama after taking the train from Tokyo, and vice-versa. However, if you’re planning to stay here I suggest paying the night at: InterContinental Yokohama Grand.

The InterContinental Hotel Group chains are probably one of my favourite hotels to date. Admittedly, I knew right away that if I could only recommend you one, it would be from this group. Especially when the hotel is conveniently located at the city’s centre.

Other recommendations:

  1. Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
  2. Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
  3. Hotel Pluum

Where to eat:

Thankfully, the city isn’t lacking in places to go. At all. It comes close to Tokyo’s already flourishing chains of restaurants and with an added local’s taste to the mix? Absolutely great.

Although Yokohama is known to take more after the Chinese, there’s really no need to worry. You’ll still have the same feeling of trying authentic Japanese Udon here and anywhere else!

You can head on over to Chinatown for some Oriental grub or maybe head on over to the port cafe for a wide selection of Western food.

If you’re craving for some good Japanese (because you’re in Japan!!!!),  here are my top picks:

  1. Nanjya Monjya Cafe
  2. Azamino Ukai-Te
  3. Baikotei

park in front of buildings where people take photos of the cherry blossom trees

Seasons & Activities

I love getting the chance and going to do many things during my day trips in a different city. Even though I would have loved to stay here longer, my family and I had no idea how nice this place would have been.


Primarily, the reason why we even went to Yokohama was to check out the museums! As you may have figured out, I do love getting to see my fair share of them.

And true to Japanese fashion, we didn’t get to see the “usual” ones like Contemporary Art or Traditional museums. Nope. Instead, we ended up going around the Cup Noodle Museum and the Ramen Museum — which can all be found near each other.

What I especially love is getting the opportunity to make your own cup noodles and ramen, respectively, during your visit here!

Parks, Gardens, and more

The middle of the city is called ‘Minato Mirai‘ where you’ll see the giant ferris wheel turning around. Surrounding it are different sorts of rollercoasters and some meant for children.

Since many people who live here prefer taking the bike, you won’t have difficulty walking from one place to the other, especially when you’re coming from the city centre. Which later brings me to exploring different gardens or places to stay such as: the Yashamita Park, and Osanbashi Pier.

Truth be told, this is where you start feeling like you’re in Europe, especially given the cold weather they have for Spring.

from the bottom with a garden in front trees lined together in front of city view

Over to you:

Based on these photos, do you think the city gives off those European vibes I was talking about?


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